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We push the real estate development forward and place contracts to the extent the customer asks for.

Our cooperative collaborations are often initiated at an early stage, allowing us to take control of the completion of the entire project.


When asked to participate in the opening phase of a project, we may assume complete responsibility for that project. Also, and in cooperation with the customer, we can come up with viable project solutions and define a common goal to strive for.

When engaging in a project, it is our ambition to become a partner in the project company and reach a profit-sharing agreement. With such incitement, we can offer the customer a simple but comprehensive project implementation, including guarantees for a flexible handling to ensure time and cost efficiency.


For almost two decades, the management of Hari has experience of coordinate and project manage international purchase of furniture and building materials from all over the world. Hari has been active in more than 20 countries. The projects have mostly been in Africa where our extended international network support to facilitate our deliveries and services.

Hari International is an experienced and reliable partner for your international projects.


Hari International AB was established in 2009 by Hans-Åke Richt, to manage and promote real estate projects and related contracts in Sweden, and also, to take advantage of the existing networks in Africa by offering Scandinavian furniture and product ranges from Kinnarps and others.

Today, Hari International continues to offer projects from start to finish, as a reliable partner with smart and fresh ideas.

Nöbbe Gård
Hans-Åke Richt, CEO

Hans-Åke has worked with real estate development, contracts and financing since the 80s. For the past 25 years he has been employed in leading positions managing business growth and innovation, in Sweden and in the international real estate market. 

Marcus Andersson, Business Manager

Marcus is an accomplished and driven contractor with extensive knowledge of start-ups and business development in several areas. For the past ten years he has focused on production plants and prefabricated housing.


Hans-Åke Richt
+ 46 (0) 734 – 33 44 03

Marcus Andersson
Business Manager
+ 46 (0) 709 – 41 63 60



Fastighetskoncept AB

Hari International is part owner of Fastighetskoncept AB. Fastighetskoncept AB. Fastighetskoncept was founded by Hans-Åke Richt together with a contracting company in order to present customers with comprehensive, clever and sustainable business models for real estate investments on the Swedish market.


Skimra, Malmö

After 3 years, the project has now received a complete detailed plan, our program management has been completed and we have procured the intended turnkey contractor.
The project is now in the process of building permit management and we have a planned start of construction in the autumn of 2022 with occupancy approximately 2 years later and sales are in full swing.

A unique project on a whole new level that Malmö has not seen before. Can probably be Malmö’s most exclusive apartments in a fantastic location.
HARI is the client’s representative and project manager and is proud to be involved in writing history in Malmö.

For more info: 

Lomma, Malmö

At an attractive location in Lomma, Hari is the project manager for detailed development plan, building permits and upcoming construction.

The detailed development plan is expected to be completed in the spring of 2021. A tenants’ association consisting of 24 apartments is planned.

For more info: 

Västra Ingelstad, Päronlunden

HARI was from the beginning involved and participated and drove projects and architectural proposals for Cormac Fastigheter with successful results and where we also won the competition with our project Päronlunden.

We have since developed the project further, and a building permit has now been created and the sale of this beautiful project is underway.

Construction is scheduled to start in the autumn of 2021.

For more info:

Kv Räfsan, Munka Ljungby

In cooperation with Gösta Bengtsson Fastighets AB, Fastighetskoncept, Hari had the pleasure to win a landmark competition in the center of Munka Ljungby in the municipality of Ängelholm The project is to develop a tenants’ association complex consisting of 19 townhouses.

Hari has led the work on the competition and are also the project manager and partner for the project.

The project intends to start in the autumn 2020 and to be completed during 2022.

For more information:

Havtornshusen, Båstad

In cooperation with Gösta Bengtsson Fastighets AB, Hari leads and develop a new area in Båstad.

The project consists of developing 20 terraced houses in a modern style, designed as condominiums with construction start from 2021.

For more information:

Stockrosbacken, Simrishamn

Following a winning development competition, HARI, as the owner’s representative, has been commissioned to develop a new area located in Simrishamn in collaboration with Gösta Bengtsson Byggnads AB.

The project consists of 14 small houses, designed as condominiums with Simrishamn’s characteristic village style.

For more information:

Solsmidd, Trelleborg

HARI, Cormac and Gösta Bengtsson Byggnads won another architectural competition, this time in Trelleborg. We have created 6 point houses with 79 apartments where the roofs consist of solar panels and are designed to maximize electricity production at, for example, sunrise.

Construction will start in 2022 and Hari is the client’s representative and project manager.

See press release from Trelleborg municipality:

Aurora, Ystad

As the client’s representative, HARI leads the project of construction of 1500 m2 BOA in the middle of old Ystad by the pedestrian street.

The work includes concept creation, building permits, investigations into archeology, sales strategy, BRF representative, and project management of selected builders.
The work will begin in 2021 and the estimated occupancy is 2024.

Alven, Malmö

Hari International leads the development of some 3,000 sq m gross floor area apartment blocks at Södervärn in central Malmoe, including commercial premises on the ground floor.

The project expects being granted a building permit in late 2019.

Warehouse and coworking space, Malmö Vintrie

HARI, which the client’s representative has been commissioned to lead the project of Almhov 3, which is located at Blåsebergavägen in Malmö. The project is about 3400 BTA with both warehouse and office spaces.

Procurement and construction are expected to begin during Q2 2021 and be completed within approximately 12 months


Nöbbe Gård, Lund

After four years of work with project management and including changes to the detailed plan, building permit, sales and construction, Nöbbelöv has been completed and all 21 apartments are inhabited.

A very successful project and it is an honor for HARI to be a part of this great project.

Car showroom, Svedala

Renovation and extension of a car showroom with adjoining paved parking lot completed in June 2019.



Planet One  – Design, Project Management, Purchasing and Logistics

As a representative of Planet One Group, HARI will handle their purchases in Northern Europe for the delivery of various building materials and training materials over a 3-4 year period, to one of their projects in Ghana. The project is expected to start during Q3 2021 and with expected main deliveries during most of 2022/2023.



A deal has now been made with a contractor to renovate the façade and more of an industrial property in Svedala.


Hari International has today become part owner in Fastighetskoncept AB. Fastighetskoncept proposes time and cost effective broad solutions for the development of real estate and construction.


Hari International has today signed an agreement for project management and contracting of 21 apartments in Lund for Nöbbe Gård Projekt AB


Hari International has today signed an agreement for project management and development of the property Löjan 4 in central Malmö for Cormac Fastigheter


Hari International has today become part owner in Modflex AB. Modflex designs and supplies steel modules for the Scandinavian market.



In Africa, Hari International is the general agent for Kinnarps Group – one of the biggest furniture manufacturers in Europe.

We boast our own representatives in several African countries, such as Angola, Nigeria, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, South Africa and Ghana.




HARI International AB

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